My God My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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In the book of Matthews of the New Testament, I am sure that we all have read the story of Jesus being crucified on the cross. Many scholars have come up with the reason for Jesus’s crucifixion and what lead up to this act. Yet many still do not understand why it was that when Jesus was near his final hour and was suffering on the cross he spoke loudly words that stunned the people. These words still stun people today as we study the new testament and read where Jesus asked, My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Did Jesus give up on God? When Jesus was in his weakest state did he feel that God had turned his back upon him? My god, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?  Surely if one wants to believe it or not, it does sound like a hopeless plea of one asking why are you doing this to me. Why am I being crucified, why must I suffer at the hands of others when it is I who am your chosen one?

There are those who will tell you that Jesus died for our sins. That he willing gave his life so that if we believe in him, we could sin and still go to Heaven. However, if that was true, why did he scream out that God had forsaken him? If he was giving his life freely, then why was he asking God why are you letting these people crucify me.

Why am I being tortured, if one has the power of God, does one need to be tortured in order for us to be saved from our sins. One who is the way and the light and only through him can we get into Heaven. Why must one so holy be tortured, for if God wanted to forgive us for our sins, he could easily do so, he is God, no one need to be tortured in order for his word to be carried out.

For surely with just a little bit of reasoning we can conclude that if Jesus is the way and the light and he is the one who has the key to open the door for us to come into Heaven, then surely he did not have to die in order to do this. Surely if Jesus wanted to die for our sins then he would not had been asking why he was being crucified, let alone why he felt that God, his father in Heaven, had forsaken him.

Why did Jesus scream out in pain, My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me? Surely Jesus felt that he had been forsaken, in a sense betrayed when he screamed out these words that stunned the people below. Only after reading the book Jesus Is No Excuse, will one finally realize why Jesus screamed these words.

In the book it explains that Jesus is a Savior, not an Excuse for our sins. It explains what took place between God and Jesus during this crucial moment. The book tells of how Jesus was being nailed onto the cross and he spoke, not in words but in spirit, with God as he asked why God was allowing this to happen. When God did not answer, he then thought to himself and felt that he was to blame as he said to God, forgive me.

God finally spoke and asked, forgive you, forgive you for what? Jesus said forgive me, because I have failed you. God asked how have you failed me? Jesus then said, you sent me down here to lead the people and look at me now ( as he laid helpless on the cross). God said to Jesus, I sent you to show them the way, in order to lead them they must follow.

Jesus started to feel better but then as he felt the pain from the nails tearing his flesh he then screamed out for the people below to hear as he yelled, My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me? God looked down upon his begotten son and said it is not I who has forsaken you, it is you, my son, who have forsaken me. I sent you down to lead the people to me, but instead you have led them to yourself. For you told the people yourself that there is none good but me. My first commandment is that they shall never praise anyone but me. You even told the people that no man can serve two masters.

Yet, as Satan told me earlier how Adam would forsake me and as he told me later after taking you upon the mountain, how you too would forsake me. Adam forsake me not because of Eve, but because he believed that by biting the forbidden fruit he would be able to see things as I see them, in other words become a God. You, my chosen one have forsaken me by not leading the people to me, your father in Heaven, but to yourself.

They do not praise my name God, but praise your name Jesus even when they know that my first commandment is that thy shall never have any God before me. Everyone knows that you cannot kill a God and that is why you must die in order for them to know that I am the one and only God and they must obey my commandments and never have any other God before me.


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Gregory St. James is the author of the book that explains that Jesus is a Savior not an Excuse for you to use when you commit sin. The book explains that God want us to obey the commandments and not use forgiveness as a scapegoat for when we do evil. The book is called Jesus Is No Excuse.. The Words and Verses of Gregory St. James

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My God My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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My God My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

This article was published on 2011/02/10